Carlsbad Enrichment Center

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Please note that this information is presented to parents/students who are interested in returning to Hybrid (In-Class) Learning at Carlsbad Enrichment Center.


Hybrid Learning consists of in class instruction 2 days per week, either Group A-Monday and Tuesday or Group B-Thursday and Friday from 8:30-3:05 pm.  Wednesday will be used for deep cleaning between student groups and all students will be expected to work on their classes at home on Wednesday as well the other two days of the week when they are not in the classroom.


CEC Responsibilities

Due to the small classroom size here at Carlsbad Enrichment Center and the State Requirement of maintaining a social distance of at least 6 feet, a maximum of 5 students will be assigned to each classroom in Group A and Group B.  Students will stay in the same classroom in assigned seating with the same teacher all day except for Lunch and restroom breaks in order to mitigate the possibility of cross contamination.


Although School Bus transportation is available in some areas; it is recommended that you provide your students transportation to and from school in order to ensure their safety during the pandemic.


Floor placards have been placed throughout the building designating a distance of 6 feet.


Hand sanitizer is available in all classrooms and the hallways.


Breakfast and lunch will be provided to all students.  Lunch is free this year due to a Federal Grant.  Your student may bring their own lunch, however, in order to be in compliance with State Guidelines, Parents may not bring meals from outside vendors.  Lunch will be served in the cafeteria and Students will have assigned seating that is cleaned and disinfected daily.


Unfortunately, students will not be allowed to go to the gym for rec at this time.  Students will be allowed to stand and stretch at their desks providing they maintain the 6 feet of social distancing from other students and staff.  We apologize for the inconvenience; however, since students are only in class for 2 days per week we hope that it will be a safety precaution we can all live with.  As the vaccine is made more widely available and infection rates go down, we hope that we can change this and will do so as soon as possible.


CEC is allowing students to bring up to two bottles of water per day due to the fact that all water fountains are turned off to comply with State Guidelines.  No sodas are allowed.  Refillable water bottles may be refilled at a designated spot.


In the event a teacher/staff or student tests positive for Covid-19 in your student’s classroom; you will be notified by School Staff and NMDOH officials if your student is considered a close contact.  The classroom with the positive case will be disinfected and must sit idle for at least 24 hours.  This could result in your student having to work remotely from home for a day that they would otherwise be in class.


Teachers/Staff are here to assist and instruct students while students continue to work on their APEX courses.  Teachers/Staff will at all times maintain a social distance of 6 feet from all students.


Please note that CEC and Carlsbad Municipal Schools cannot guarantee that any student or staff is Covid positive and not displaying any symptoms.  “Carrier” or “Asymptomatic” individuals who are carrying the virus but not sick can still transmit the virus to others.  Please follow all precautions set up by CEC to ensure you and your student’s safety.


Should 4 positive cases be reported at any one school, that school must shut down for 14-28 days in order to review safety protocols as well as to disinfect all surfaces.  If you believe that your child could have covid-19, been exposed to covid-19, or is a close contact; please keep them home.  They can work on their APEX and not be counted absent.


Parent/Student Responsibilities

Parents and students will need to monitor themselves daily before going to school.  If any of the above symptoms are noted, the student will stay home:

            Temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher,

            Shortness of Breath,


            Sore Throat,


            Muscle Pain,


            Repeated Shaking,

            Loss of taste or smell,

Should your child experience any of these symptoms, notify the school and keep them home.  It is recommended that you contact your medical provider to see if a Covid-19 test is required.  Students can work from home and will not be counted absent should they be experiencing any of these symptoms.

Students that begin to experience any of these symptoms while at school will be immediately quarantined and must be picked up by a parent/guardian immediately.


Should your child become a close contact with a Covid positive person or travel outside of the state, it is required that they quarantine at home for a 14 day period and not attend class during that time.  They can work remotely and not miss any work time nor incur any absences.


Students are expected to wear a face-covering at all times while on campus except while eating/drinking.  Gators and bandanas do not qualify as CDC approved and are not allowed to be worn on campus.  Please note that if a student is found to be purposely out of compliance with this requirement 3 times, they will automatically be placed back into 100% Remote Learning.  This will not be treated as a discipline issue, it is a safety issue.


All students will be provided with 1 blue cloth, Cavemen face mask.  The school does have a limited supply of disposable face masks.  Students can utilize up to 2 of these in emergency situations.


Students are expected to maintain 6 feet of social distancing from all other persons in the building.  This includes the hallways, classrooms, and bathrooms.  Please note that any students who do not comply with this regulation 3 times will automatically be placed back into 100% Remote Learning.  Again, this will not be treated as a discipline issue, it is a safety issue.


If assigned a Chromebook, students will need to bring their assigned Chromebooks as CEC only has 3 Chromebooks on hand which have not been issued to students.  Students can also bring their own lap top if they would like to use that.  It should connect to the CMS Internet with no problems.  Please have your Chromebook/Lap Top fully charged before you arrive at school as we have limited electrical plugs available in each room and only 3 chargers that have not been issued should you forget yours.  You will bring and take your Chromebook/Lap Top home with you each day.


Students who come to school without their Chromebooks or chargers if needed, will be allowed to go and work from home on that day with no absence recorded as long as they work on their classes at home.


Again, we realize that these safety protocols are strict, however they are designed for your student’s safety in mind.  As Covid-19 vaccines become more widely available and positive cases in the community decline, we hope to be able to relax some restrictions.


Please note all other school rules still apply including dress code and behavioral expectations.